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The light upgrade

Good reasons for light management

1. Energy consumption

Operating LED luminaires with an intelligent light management system significantly reduces energy consumption.

2. Operating costs

The lower energy consumption also reduces the operating costs of the lighting. Investments can be amortized quickly.

3. Period of use

Sensors switch the lighting off when it is not needed. This extends the service life of the light, as the LED service life is only reached later.

4. Sustainability

Sensor-controlled lighting reduces CO2 emissions as light is only provided when needed, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Comparison with and without light management

No additional 

The luminaire drivers provide the entire intelligence.

No control cable 
– all WiFi 

The luminaires only require a power supply. Ideal for refurbishments.

without limits

Switches and sensors run on battery power and can be positioned everywhere.


Comfortable configuration and control of all components via free app.

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Wireless Connect Office Bundle 2330

2330 G3 M84 PW19 3600-830 ETWD or 2330 G3 M84 PW19 3600-840 ETWD

LMS 23 Sensor EasyAir Occu-DL ZGP

LMS 23 EasyAir 4B Switch

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